Public Speaking

header-imageMichael is available for public speaking and educational seminars on a range of topics around evolution, communication and psychodynamics.

Public Speaking: Schedule permitting, Michael speaks at all kinds of events where people are interested in learning the life lessons of evolution, particularly as it explains our communication behaviors and psychological dynamics. Sample Topics include:

  • Why Don’t We Say What We Mean?
  • Biology and the Meaning of Life
  • Why We’re All Robots, And Why That’s Okay!
  • Why Evolution Isn’t so Much True as Inevitable

Plus, open to your suggestions

Educational Seminars: These can be tailored to different time scales and can be presented in a variety of settings, from classroom to boardroom to retreat. Price is dependent upon the circumstances.


  • The Evolution of Human Communication: What Does it Mean to Mean Something?
  • Evolutionary Psychodynamics: Who Are You?