Blog, what blog?

So, I just had a look and it’s been now well over two years (in fact, you could say, going on three) since I last posted anything on this blog. I guess we could say I’ve been neglecting the whole blogging thing. I haven’t been unproductive all that time. I’ve published a couple of books. One right around the time of that last post (Not for the Common Good: Evolution and Human Communication) and another during my long absence (Darwinian Liberalism). I also participated in a short lived, but pretty good YouTube show called Reaction Norm. You are encouraged to check out those, to keep abreast of my intellectual journey (And, just a little tease, here: I’m working on a new book that’s going to be explosive and fascinating, so stay tuned!) But, most definitely have neglected the blog. That all changes today.

I’m launching today a revitalization or re-branding of the blog by way of a series of posts that will spell out what I’ve come to call biological realism. It is certainly possible that at some point I’ll bring these posts together to make a book of them. But for now I’ve decided the blog format, with it’s interactive capacity for feedback and its conversational possibilities is the way to go.

What will follow then will be a set of theses, which are intended to be both self contained but also provide a logical chain of reasoning toward what is a biologically realist approach to understanding the world. Likely, toward the end, I’ll provide some examples of how this approach can be applied to a number of different areas of intellectual concern. By the end, then, it will be a kind of online book.

So, for those who have long been away, welcome back. And to those who are new, welcome aboard. The train is chugging out of the station. Let’s go.